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to kindle is the ultimate web to kindle app for avid readers, enabling you to effortlessly send web articles to kindle for a distraction-free and optimized reading experience.with its intelligent content extraction and user-friendly interface, to kindle revolutionizes the way you consume online content on your beloved e-reader.

key features:

  • content extraction: to kindle's advanced algorithms intelligently identify and extract the core content from web articles, eliminating distractions and advertisements for a clean and focused reading experience.

  • one-click send to kindle: with a single click, seamlessly transfer extracted articles to your kindle device, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient process.

  • epub download: enjoy the flexibility to download articles in the industry-standard epub format, enabling offline reading and easy portability across various devices.

  • custom covers: to kindle automatically generates visually appealing and unique covers for each extracted article, adding a personalized touch to your digital library.

android app is available now, ios app coming soon